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Monday, January 14, 2013

Tricolored Heron

Egretta tricolor

08.19.2011 - Ocracoke Island, NC
Tricolored Herons are nearly unique among North American Ardeids in that immature birds look radically different from adults, sharing this feature only with the closely related Little Blue Heron. Like the individual above, immature birds appear mostly rufous, with a bluish tinge appearing towards the rear.

05.18.2012 - Fort Fisher, NC
Tricolored Herons are very active feeders, and will run back and forth in shallow water trying to spear prey items. We found this one foraging along the banks of Crossover 4 at the Fort Fisher spit.

07.22.2013 - Huntington Beach State Park, SC
Originally called the "Lousiana Heron", a name still used by some birders, the Tricolored Heron is a resident all along the eastern seaboard. We watched this one and several others along the causeway at Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina, so obviously that old name is a misnomer!

01.13.2013 - Carolina Beach Lake, NC
James and I both agree that this is our favorite photo of a Tricolored Heron to date. It's a particularly bright individual we viewed at a close distance roosting in the early morning light along the shores of Carolina Beach Lake. A beautiful bird, and a fantastic species that I never tire of.

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