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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Red-headed Woodpecker

Melanerpes erythrocephalus

07.24.2011 - Falls Lake, NC
The Red-headed Woodpecker is by far my favorite east coast woodpecker. In the Piedmont of North Carolina they're rather locally distributed, but in the right habitat they can be extremely common. At sites like Mason Farm, Flat River, or Falls Lake, you're hard-pressed to be out of earshot of these beautiful birds.

10.14.2011 - Falls Lake, NC
In mid-October of 2011, James and I got to view this Red-headed Woodpecker at very close range while we walked to the Will Suitt mudflats on Falls Lake. The bird was gathering acorns and hammering them into various nooks and crannies in a tree, presumably to save them for colder months. In doing so, the bird would occasionally fly to eye-level right in front of us, giving both James and I our best looks ever at this magnificent species.

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